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How to use - All in one Zapper mindmachine ...

How to use

All in One - How to use -

1. Zapper
2. Mindmachine
3. Headlight
4. Frequency & colour instrument useing white,red,green,blue Led.
5. Techno generator

Mainswitch "ON" red light will be on - otherwise charge the battery
over night.


With the 8 microswitches you can choose the frequency which you like to apply.
Use your fingernail or a pen.
Have only one in "ON" state.
Switch State Frequency State of mind

6 Delta 2 Hz Deep sleep
7 Theta 4 Hz very deep meditation, (also first stage of sleep)
8 Alpha 8 Hz Relaxed,meditation,connected
- Beta 20 Hz alert,usual state of mind
5 Gamma 1 32 Hz High alert,very functional
3 Gamma 2 64 Hz High alert,

1 32 khz Universal Basic Hulda Clark Zapper frequency for healing
4 1 khz Low Frequency for Healing
2 2 khz Low frequency for Healing


For zapping you take the silver rods in your hands,the red one usually right hand,if you feel
not so well you can change also polarity.
For better conduct you can use also wet napkins,it prevent the silver sticks to get black.
A very good silver cleaner is just ash,in india the holy one,vibuti.

You zapp 3 times 7 min. - 20 min Rest between.You can do this several times a day,depend on your sickness.
Drink a lot of water.

Some people found that this low frequencies have sometimes better healing qualities
therefore I applied it to the "All in One Zapper".I myself zapped so far
only with the original Hulda Clark frequency.
But make your own experience and report to me.Thanks.

2.Mindmachine in general:

Applying a stimulus to the mind will eventually bring the mind`s state closer to the stimulus frequency.
The passively use of the mm(mindmachine)does not necessarily alter your state of consciousness.
For example, willingness and ability to relax and focus attention affects how effective it will work.

Alpha state - 8hz

For meditation state you start with alpha.
Close your eyes,it is not useful to follow the flashes,be as passive as possible.
When a certain state is experienced and practiced over a time,it will become easier to do it by your self.
useful for learning purposes.

Theta state 4Hz)
introduceing sleep,very deep relaxation.Reducing sleep needs.

Delta state introducing sleep.
Before you sleep in,better take the glases off!

Gamma state make you very alert and focused,reducing sleep.

mm can help you by depression,migranines,headaches,drug addiction.

The mindmachine generates flashes therefore the following people should not use the mindma People subject to any forms of seizures or epilepsy
•People using pacemakers
•People suffering from heart disorders

3. Headlight and backlight
apply the LED to the conducts. Red colour to the red marked strip.
Microswitch "1".If the brightness goes down -charge over night.
You have also a red backlight for your security.

4. Colour frequency instrument

use LED`s of choosen colour and frequency for a combined therapie.
LED in red,blue,green.yellow,white can be ordered.

5. Techno generator

Switch "6" 120 bpm (beats per minute)
"4" 240 bpm.

Feedback always welcome.
Good luck & time.

Hans Pfunder,Silence,Auroville 605101 ,Innowation@gmail.com,Tel.948 6363 717.

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