Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All in One

Your perfect travel mate,

apply easily different gasgets to the main electronic device.
Headlight - for driving, with red backlight. Led bulbs change able.

Mind machine for neuroscience research, consciousness and mind enhancing with
frequencies from delta to gamma .

Your brain halves get synchronisized. for super learning ,faster in meditation and sleep (alpha, theta) or get in high concentrated alert state (gamma).

Zapper - frequency medical instrument, works like bio resonance, named zapper from
Hulda Clark, a natural Doc. She wrote several books : The cure of all disease,
Cure of cancer…
The Zapper works with 8 different frequencies visually as well as with silver coated hand sticks.

Techno generator with changeable colored LED 120 – 480 bpm ( beats per min.)

Color & frequency therapy - red,blue,green,yellow LEDs available

The system is very small and light weight, only ~ 250 gram
Innovation unlimited ,Silence, Auroville 948 6363 717 – innowation@gmail.com

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kandhan said...

Hi Are you making these products for sale? Can I get the schmatics for these products for personal use?