Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teslor - Cell phone radiation protector


                      turns  negative  radiation  into  positive one.

Everybody knows that electromagnetic radiation from the cellphone and

computer can be harmful, especially if you are sensitive or use them often.
Hans an electronic engineer found a solution to (t)his problem. He is a very sensitive Dowser, living almost 20 years in the forest of Auroville, India  and became electro sensitive. The TESLOR transforms the negative, harmful radiation of your cellphone and computer into a positve form. Comparable products neutralize the radiation only. This does not mean that your phone is now a healing instrument. Physical radiation is still there, otherwise the phone would not work any more.The TESLOR chip change the subtle energy field, which can be measured by Kinesiology, dowsing, bio resonance. The chip modulates the negative energy in a way that a positive energy of 30000 Bovie (in stand by mode) respectively 8000 Bovie (in sending mode)can be measured. The TESLOR alone without the phone emits a positive energy up to 130 000 Bovies. 

Latest News:

I developed the chip now further up to incredible 1.3 million Bovies.

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