Monday, July 14, 2008

Low Ecological and economic footprint Low Ecological and economic footprint

Since I stay in India, I live,and work exclusively with solar power.

There are a lot of power cuts ,so you need anyway an alternative
energy source.
Since LED can be used for lighting and small Notebooks, which not use a lot of power, available, its for me not a problem to live without power connection.

It was always a dream for me to live independent and generate the own power.
Over 10 years ago somebody gave me the book ¨Walden¨ from Henry Thoreau.
The woman was thinking it fits to me.

I am not that extreme, I still like watching F1 races on TV,but I don`t like to have one.
The biggest power sucker are the kitchen.
-Fridge- I drink no beer.
For cooking
its possible to use solar,but most people don`t like, electricity is still cheap,practical if its there .

Get even subsidies from the community,what I don`t understand.

I have also no kitchen-
have all my meals outside because
- I am a bad cook
- I have a insect allergy,
- if you have food around, you have always ants
- its also nice to see people and read the newspaper .

Now since 4 month I have also an electric cycle which save me
every month a lot of money,despite the big effect on climate it have. (hi)

I discovered it have a big effect on people, which look like,oh not a bad idea,may be I could also switch.

Over 10 years ago I experimented already with electric bikes but
at that time the wheel motors are expensive.

Now,thanks to China there is a big movement,and good,payable material in the

Electric cycles are now a mass market article.

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