Saturday, July 12, 2008

Innovation unlimited,Auroville,India

That`s my working place - in the city of the future-

I life since 1995 in Silence, Auroville,look for the forest and do some small electronic projects which can be useful to the people.

My aim is, to develop environment,- service-user- -friendly,rechargeable,products which are unique and
often multi use able and light weight.

Functionality,Simplicity in complexity - not a fancy outfit i am looking for.

That`s me,Hans in front of my ¨forest villa¨ with the
enlighten 3. eye.

It`s very useful,specially in India,where you have
always power cuts. I use it also for work,reading
in the evening in nature and beach places.
It consumes just 0.1 Watt !! The right choice now
for global warming.

All my products can be customized to the individual needs !

Other products are:

The Parasite Zapper, a biomedical instrument see

The Nano coconut,looks like a mouse but woks as a LED - flashlight

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